Understanding AHA BHA in Harmonizing Toner

One of the active ingredients in Harmonizing Toner is AHA and BHA. What is the function? Let's see the following explanation!

Every day the skin produces new skin cells to replace old skin cells. AHA and BHA help to exfoliate imperfect skin (still attached) but because this active ingredient only works on the outer layer of the surface of the skin. These two compounds will not enter the dermis or even the tissues in the skin. You don't need to worry about excessive exfoliation because even though Harmonizing Toner has exfoliation as a feature, it is not a toner specifically for exfoliating. Some other features of this toner are Hydrating, Balancing and Toning. INNERTRUE is Smart Skincare that carries the concept of Soft Formulation so that it can be used every day.

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is useful for stimulating the growth of new healthy skin, moisturizing, increasing the amount of collagen and also functioning as an anti-aging. Whereas BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) exfoliates (removes dead skin cells), controls oil, and shrinks pores.

For those who immediately think "Ah I'm not compatible with AHA BHA," wait a minute. Choosing a skincare based on the list of contents is not enough because what is not less important is the formula. Just because it never matches a product that contains a certain ingredient, it is not necessarily incompatible with that material. Maybe what makes it incompatible is the formula or concentration of the material. The same ingredients with different concentrations are completely different products.

That's why even though there are many brands out there using the same ingredients, the results are different right?

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