Passes Dermatologically Tested and BPOM!

INNERTRUE has passed clinical trials and BPOM!

Products with BPOM certification have certainly gone through security testing. In addition, INNERTRUE does not use parabens, mercury, mineral oils, petrochemicals, polyethylene glycol, GMOs, triclosan, DEA, phthalates, synthetic dyes, essential oils and perfume. The aim is to reduce the risk of irritation for the user and also to improve health in the long run.

INNERTRUE has also passed clinical trials with the best rating as a non-irritant product so it is safe for even your sensitive skin.

But BPOM numbers aren't enough, guys! Because many can fake the number. You can check the BPOM INNERTRUE number on the BPOM website.

Awakening Cleansing Gel NA18191205633
Harmonizing Toner NA18191205634
All Day Happiness NA18190105428
Bright & Glow NA18190105427
Essence of Life NA18190120703

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